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Little Lion Pre-School is a safe and fun environment, which is community focused and supports foundation phase learning.

We offer small classes, with children receiving one on one personalized teaching.

Our prime focus is developing children in the 2 to 5-year-old bracket. An integral part of our focus is reinforcing solid moral principles so that they can spend a lifetime building on a secure foundation for a purpose-driven life.

Little Lion Pre-School is nestled away in the heart of Rivonia, Sandton.

We serve local residential areas as well as parents who commute to the Rivonia area.

The driving force behind Little Lion Pre-School is Liezl Perris. Liezl has been teaching since 2005; and she has many years of experience, gained through pre-school teaching, au pairing and teaching Sunday School classes. She has taught an array of age groups but her heart lies with teaching early foundation phase children. Her aim with Little Lion Pre-School is to maintain a community-focused environment, as children learn best when they feel safe and secure.

She is a disciplined, fun-loving person with high energy levels, who enjoys bringing out children’s creativity and unique personalities. Liezl has been married since 2007 and has 2 children of her own.

The driving force behind Little Lion Pre-School is Liezl Perris. Liezl has been teaching since 2005; and she has many years of experience, gained through pre-school teaching, au pairing and teaching Sunday School classes. She has taught an array of age groups but her heart lies with teaching early foundation phase children. Her aim with Little Lion Pre-School is to maintain a community-focused environment, as children learn best when they feel safe and secure.

She is a disciplined, fun-loving person with high energy levels, who enjoys bringing out children’s creativity and unique personalities. Liezl has been married since 2007 and has 2 children of her own.

We open our gates at 7am sharp and school closes at 17.30pm. School rings begin at 8:30am.

All our staff are CPR trained. We stay current and renew our training every 2 years.

Breakfast, snack and a nutritionally balanced hot lunch is provided by the school (this is optional).

Potty training. Please speak to the class teacher to arrange.

Parent evenings and termly assessments and reports are handed out.

We are very strict about security and have processes in place that need to be adhered to at all times. Please speak to your class teacher to familiarise yourself with our protocol.

We are a multi-cultural Christian school that base our principals on the infallible truths of biblical scripture.

We endeavour to stay current and add to our profile of activities each year and encourage any feedback or comments regarding how we can make our children’s foundational school years as positive and educational as possible.

“Liezl was an amazing teacher, always smiling happy and welcoming person, which always made my daughter happy to go to school every day. She is an unbelievable teacher, found that my daughter learnt so much in the year that she was with Liezl. She has so much love and patience with the children.” Kelly Fritz – Parent
Kelly Fritz
“Teacher Liezl is an amazing teacher always happy and loud in a good way! Very bubbly when my kids arrived at school always making each child feel very special and right at home, my heart was always at ease knowing my children r safe in her care! My children always came home telling me what they had learnt and how much fun they had with teacher Liezl! Teacher Liezl is also very well organised having everything ready for kids to start working immediately! Liezl is an outstanding person and teacher!”
Tanya Veloso
“Teacher Liezl… She is such an inspiration! Her joy is infectious. Her wisdom far beyond her age. She has so much practical advice for mommies and comes in very handy if you implement it! My kids adore her… I think kids find a safe place with her. She is that perfect chocolate in the box of chocolates everyone hopes they pick. Thanks for teaching my kids at such a young age Liezl x”
Natalie Cilliers

Please feel free to visit our website – www.littlelion.co.za for more information, or find our Contact Details below.

Contact No – 082 976 1619

Email – info@littlelion.co.za

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Jubilate Primary School


Jubilate Primary School is a Christian based, independent, Primary School that is situated in Crowthorne, Midrand.


We are a fully accredited member of ISASA – the Independent Schools Association of South Africa


Our curriculum and standards fall within the framework of the IEB – Independent Examination Board


A small school with small classes (max. 20 learners per class)

We aim to remain small enough so that we can give each learner in our school the necessary individual attention that a developing child requires.

We have a capacity for 300 learners.


The School has an After-care facility, operating each afternoon up until 17h30.

This provides for after-care every day of the week, as well as all school holidays from ±12 January to ±12 December each year, including mid-term breaks. Any Public Holidays within this period are excluded.


All sports and cultural related extra-mural activities currently provided by the school are offered free of charge. These include soccer, netball (winter), athletics, cricket and tennis (summer). Drama, debating, public speaking, ball skills, chess, remedial and extra lessons (as required) will also be presented throughout the year. The school also has a Scripture Union which meets once a week.

Remedial and Occupational Therapy can be provided for children at the request of school or the parent, at an additional cost. These classes are conducted during school hours, on school premises, by qualified therapists.

Find out more about Jubilate Primary School on our website – www.jubilateprimary.co.za

Or Contact Us via the information below.

Tel Number – 011 023 7020 / 1

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Wie ons is:

Midrand Afrikaanse Akademie (MAA) is ’n plek waar Midrand weer ’n Afrikaanse gemeenskap kan hê gegrond in Christelike waardes. Dink aan ’n plek waar goeie waardes nog waarde het: ’n Plek waar enersheid in waardes, taal en godsdiens gevier word.

Die skool is ’n kwaliteit akademiese instansie wat uitstekende waarde vir geld bied. Elke lid van ons skool voel hul hoort, soos in ’n familie. By ons word elke kind uniek gekoester en opgevoed deur ’n gemeenskap van gemeenskapslede, onderwysers, ouers en ander kinders. Die hele gemeenskap staan saam en word opgehef!

In hierdie gemeenskap voel kinders geborge en kan hul skooldae geniet en ’n goeie fondament kry deur ’n opvoeding gebasseer in ware goeie waardes.

  • Kleuterskool – Vanaf 4 maande oud, baie welkom.
  • Laerskool – Vanaf graad 0 tot 6 (2017)

Departementele Registrasie

  • Ons is geregistreer by die Gautengse Departement van Onderwys.
  • Ons registrasienommer is: JE 700400861


  • Ons volg die nasionale kurrikulum soos voorgeskryf deur die Departement van Onderwys.
  • Vir meer inligting oor die kurrikulum, gaan gerus na:



  • Grondslagfase: 07:30 – 13:00
  • Intermediêre fase: 07:30 – 13:45
  • Voldag: 06:45 – 17:30

Kontak ons gerus

Tel – 011 024 2430

Epos – fin@skool.joburg



Poplar Academy is a co-education school, based in Crowthorne, Midrand.

We offer tuition form pre-school (aged 2) to school leavers level.

Small classes make a personal approach possible and the Cambridge curriculum offers a passport to international study.

Cambridge offers an array of relevant and interesting subjects.

With our international view, we offer French as a third language from pre-school level.

A variety of extra mural activities complete the curriculum with focus on cultural as well as sports activities.

Experience education with a difference in a small, friendly environment.

“Ability is nothing without opportunity”.

At Poplar we educate, motivate, innovate and create!

Contact Us

Tel: 011  702 3299  |  082 655 0723

Admin (Heidie) accounts@poplaracademy.co.za

Admin (Tinkie)  admin@poplaracademy.co.za

How to find us

39 Whisken Avenue



Bradford Pre-Primary

Bradford Pre-Primary is the ultimate choice for parents seeking high quality but affordable education for children between the age of 2 and 6. The school offers a comprehensive curriculum tailor-made to suit children’s developmental needs.

We employ a unique teaching methodology and learning platform that creates a developmental experience round the clock. Our teaching approach also provides a structured and stable routine that gives children a sense of security.

Feeling secure and happy in an environment gives the children the opportunity to learn to their full potential as they are comfortable enough to just be children and have fun. The school implements supervised social grooming aligned to parent’s expectations.

The school recruits and retains passionate suitably qualified teachers. Our in-door and out-door facilities provide a stimulating environment designed to nurture individual potential.

At Bradford Pre-Primary, our moto is “Quality Care and Education – No Compromise!”

Bradford Prep

Bradford Preparatory is a contemporary school fully equipped to educate the 21st century student.

The school invested in ultra-modern technology enhancing the already fully equipped Resource Centre and bringing unprecedented technology tools at learner’s disposal.

We take special care to bring aboard and retain the right team. Our educators are not only qualified and experienced, but also passionate and dedicated to teaching young minds. These are professionals who derive fulfilment from sharing their knowledge, skills, values and attitudes with our learners.

At Bradford Preparatory, we strive to optimise the learning in young brains and to capitalise on the potential children have for learning at a young age. Learners benefit from individual attention and motivation, in a supportive and stimulating learning environment.

Contact Us

Cell:  084 073 5086

Tel:   010 442 7000

Email: admin@bradfordpreparatory.co.za

Website: www.bradfordschools.org.za

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Vorna Valley

Glen Austin

Diapers and Dummies was founded in 1989, it was the first Creche and Nursery School to be established in Midrand.

We are situated at 22 Poplar Street in Noordwyk and cater for babies from birth up until, and including grade R


Taking into consideration that moms and dads need to get to work early – we open our doors bright and early at 6:30 and we close at 17:30

The first six years of a child’s life are the most important developmentally and emotionally. With this in mind, our mission is to create a safe, stimulating and caring environment for your child.


Our aim at Diapers & Dummies is to create well balanced, happy individuals who in turn will become successful adults.

Whilst structure is essential in a child’s life, we at Diapers & Dummies have a philosophy of a stimulated child is a happy child.

A stable environment will create a happy and stable child whom in turn will become a confident young adult.

We at Diapers & Dummies strive to educate our children in a safe, secure and fun-loving environment.

Children need a relationship of trust and understanding in order to feel safe and secure, we at Diapers & Dummies provide this foundation for an effective education.

Teaching is not our profession it is our PASSION.

Our aim is to give a hundred hugs every day!

Contact Us

Telephone  –  0113181878

Email  –  diapersanddummies@gmail.com

Website  –  http://diapersanddummies.co.za/

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Welcome to EarthKids!

We are a Pre-Primary School situated in the Crowthorne area, in Midrand.

Our school caters for children from 2 – 5 years of age.

At EarthKids, we believe every child needs individual attention within a secure, constructive, social, loving and nurturing environment; therefore, we aim to keep our classes small. Our teachers also have an assistant in each class, with a maximum of 16 children per class.

EarthKids follows a traditional educational school practice. Our programme follows a selected theme of the week providing children with the games and activities related to these themes, giving them knowledge about the world we live in.

Emphasis is placed largely on each child’s instinctive abilities to learn through play. To achieve this, each class is equipped with educational toys, puzzles, Lego and constructional toys. All of which are designed to stimulate your child’s mind while learning at the same time.

Fine Motor Skills / Art

Through art a child is able to interpret the world around him / her. Art helps a child clarify his perceptions and gives meaning and structure to his experiences.


Through music and song, a child develops a feeling for language. Music is also an integral part of auditory perception.

Gross Motor Skills / Outdoor

Children enjoy the freedom of movement while developing gross motor skills in our large well-equipped playground. We offer numerous extra mural activities that specialize in this important developmental area of a child.

Social and Environment

We teach the children about giving to the less fortunate. We have teamed up with some wonderful charities and encourage children to participate. Teaching children to respect our environment by learning about the world we live in. We also encourage an understanding of healthy eating habits.


Effective learning can only take place in a relaxed nurturing atmosphere. Our teachers develop warm loving relationships with the children based on mutual acceptance and respect.

EarthKids also have a Party Venue!

The Venue is for hire on Saturdays, come Summer, Winter, rain or shine.

We have:

A Large Indoor Area.

A Fabulous 8000m² secure play-ground with plenty trees and shade areas.

Bike tracks, jungle gyms, a large sandpit ship, trampolines, a soccer field, a fantasy house, swings and more….

Staff to assist with set up and clean up.

Little tables and chairs provided with table cloths. Chair covers are available on request.

We can facilitate also the hiring of Magicians, Jumping Castles, Water Slides and various other sorts of entertainment.

Our Party time slots are from 9-12noon or 2-5pm on SATURDAYS ONLY.

The abovementioned information is an overview of what EarthKids has to offer.

Our website is currently being rebuilt and should be completed early in 2018

In the meantime, please feel free to contact us for more information.

We would love to hear from you.

Contact Number – 083 233 7806

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Educating the Whole Child

Sagewood is an independent non-profit school in Noordwyk, Midrand, dedicated to providing quality education since 1985.

The school is a distinctive establishment reflecting the hope and optimism of a diverse South Africa and prides itself in the unique way in which it has prepared young men and women to take their place in the challenging social milieu that is the world today.

The foundation that Sagewood is built on is one that embraces diversity and adopts the attitude of being of service to others.

The result is a cohesive, dynamic, collaborative nurturing environment in which meaningful learning takes place. The school is owned by, The Sagewood Foundation, a non-profit Section 21 Company.

The school does not follow any religious denomination, but rather teaches respect for all religions and it is demographically representative of the new South Africa. Sagewood today, offers a full spectrum of co-ed school education and has a separate, Pre-Primary, Primary and College. (Grades 000 – Grade 12)


2017 – 100% PASS RATE


  • Benchmarking tests
  • Educational shows and day outings
  • Textbooks
  • Olympiads
  • IEB Grade 12 examination fees
  • Digital programs
  • Singapore Maths Grades R – 7
  • Curriculum enhancement programmes
  • Delivering high quality education
  • An institution of excellence
  • Wide range of extra-curricular activities
  • Small classes that cater for optimal learning
  • Structured aftercare programme
  • Innovative teaching and learning

Contact Us

087 723 3131

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Acts House of Education is a Christian Private School for learners from Grade R to Grade 10.

Out and about
Team spirit

By 2020 our grades will extend to Grade 12

In visits
Cultural day

Acts House of Education forms part of Acts Christian Church.

The school follows the CAPS curriculum and hosts a range of sports activities such as Athletics, Cross Country, Dance Sport, Soccer, Softball, Netball Cricket and Touch Rugby.

Mud fun
We love to sing

Cultural activities include music and chess.

Acts House of Education prides itself in having small classes, exceptional pastoral care, counselling as well as intervention practises.

Proud of our academics

Biblical integration, prayer and daily devotionals are part of every school day.


Landline – 010 035 1031

Contact Form


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